Weekly Data-Pounds of Recycled Paper!

Date           3M       3B           School Total

1/18/12       14        107          121 pounds

1/25/12        35       70           105 pounds
2/9/12           32

2/13/12          the total is over 140 pounds

3/29/12           our school recycled over 169 pounds of paper!




  1. This weeks total is:26.83
    Date March21,2012

  2. the lower wing collected 31.17 reclyed paper in miss Marques class

  3. The lower wing collected 18.30 pounds of recycled material!!!

    One thing Johnathan learned at the recycling center was that his brown sweater is made out of plastic!!!

    One thing Nora learned at the Recycling Center was that at the Recycling Center they mash the recyclebles into squares!!!

  4. Our class visited the garbage museum! We learned were the trash goes. We learned that plastic can be made into coats/jackets. Don’t worry it gets cleaned. It was really interesting. We even saw a tipping truck tip on the tipping floor #2 times! A tipping truck is a truck that pushes the garbage out of the truck by lifting up the back of the truck up using gravity pull it down on to the tipping floor. The tipping floor is the floor were the tipping trucks tip the garbage and the garbage gets dumped.The trip was EXITING! In the end we all got to make kissing frogs out of recycled materials. It was fun . I can’t wait for another class to visit the garbage museum.

  5. Today,on Apr.13,2011,we recycled 37.95LB other than Mr.mapelli’s office


  6. On 3/21 the lower wing collected 18.15 pounds of paper. On 3/31, 20.6 pounds was collected. Keep up the good work!

  7. Hello Recycle Team!!!!

    A big thank you to Dennis for getting collection data to me! With what information I was given, I added the totals of both wings and I estimate the total pounds of recycled paper thus far for the year is……..



    I will post this for all to see in the newsletter!

    Have a great day!
    Happy Birhtday Tevor!!

  8. 1/25/11
    This week we collected 47.05 Pounds of paper in the lower wing Ms.Rand!

    • Keep up the great work Recycle Team!

      I will need totals posted for both wings

      all collections since 1/25 up to the end of this week, 2/25 for my newsletter!

      Add it to the total 973.43 # (# is the symbol for pounds.) from last month

      I think you will break 1,000 # this month!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!!!!

  9. Sorry we have not posted in awhile. We are back on track now! Today, January 7, 2011 the lower wing collected 31.75 pounds of paper.

  10. We collectid 34 pounds on the lower wing this week (12/1)

  11. Could you please help me? I need a total number of pounds, from both classes, that you have collected this year, counting today, November 23rd. I need this information today, to post in my newsletter.

    Thank you for helping me out!

  12. On Nov. 2 the lower wing colected 29.05 pounds and on Nov. 9 they colected 27.95 pounds.

    • Wow! You guys are doing a great job recycling! Thank you for posting!
      Keep up the good work!

      Mrs. Brunette

  13. On october,19 we collected 16.4 pounds of paper in the lower wing bye Gabe

    • Mason, Jonathan, Gabe ~ Thanks for posting!

      GREAT JOB! Recycle kids! It is great to see you getting involved with saving the planet EARTH! I like to see updates and total pounds. I will add week totals and post it in the schools newsletter to let everyone know!

      I learned that as they are tearing down the old building for the new school, they are recycling the bricks, wooden beams, steel and metal. With anything that is recyclable, they will do their best to get it where it needs to go to be used again or recycled into something else! Isn’t that exciting!

      The new school building should open in time for you guys to attend for 5th grade!

      Keep up the good work! Keep spreading the word~

      Have a great day! 🙂
      Mrs. Brunette

  14. The lower wing collected 11.1 pounds on October.5,2010.by Johnathan

  15. the lower wing collectid 21 pounds oct.5, 2010 by mason

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