Each year Third Graders embark on a school wide recycling project!  The Third Grade Recycle Team collects recycled paper from classrooms and staff each week for the entire school year! They record the weight of each week and post the results on this website! They are constantly learning of new ways of recycling, attending field trips and speading the recycling fever! If you currently have a third grader in your household, be prepared to be well informed about the ways you can  REDUCE-REUSE- RECYCLE!



  1. DateApril27,2012
    Our total this week is:23.15
    The hightest amount is 3.14 in Tsuji Sensei room

  2. Dude!Recycle!Fluffly is right, recycle

  3. people and you get on this website and get other people on it! this is serious!

  4. i put the dots because i didn’t know what to type! do you get it!

  5. ………………. ……………… . . .

  6. Please recycle

  7. if you get a buisness card ,please recycle it when you are all done using it

    • if you recycle a lot it will save our planet!

    • always use both sides of the paper!

    • get on this website! everyone seriously !

  8. this recycling program is really important to our community at EHGEMS and the world

    • this is cool!

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